Try our all-inclusive Prague guided tour and discover the beauties out of the main tourist way!

Accept an invitation to an unconventional walk through Prague, away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist roads. Visit places full of history, discover the picturesque places of this part of historical Prague while listening to the all important facts about Czech lands.

Our walk begins at Pohořelec, which is also our meeting point. Pohořelec is a suburb of Prague district Hradcany. You will visit one of the most important architectural monuments of the Czech republic- the oldest premonstratensian monastery in Bohemian region- the Strahov monastery. You will see the interior of the magnificent Strahov library with the famous medieval book called Evangeliarium Strahoviense written in 9th century. From the monastery you will also see one of the most beautiful views of the Prague Castle. We will also visit a local small brewery and taste their awsome beer.

Our next stop will be at the Loretán Square, where you will see the most monumental palace in Prague - the Czernin Palace on one side and on the other side you will see the most desirable place of pilgrimage of Baroque Bohemia- Loreta. We can listen to the world-famous chimes, visit the Loreta Chapel, walk through the magnificent cloister of the adjacent abbey of the Order of the Lesser Brothers of Capuchins. You can also visit the local Jewelery with an exhibition of liturgical objects.



Metting point by Strahov Library




7 hours



3mi (4km) walk

All seasons avaliable


Amazing lunch in local


Snacks & drinks INCLUDED

Walking shoes


Operates in all weather conditions

We will continue exploring the most beautiful place in Prague- the New World. This place will belong only to us with a minimum of tourists. We will go back a few centuries and show you places where important artists lived in the past.

Afterwards we will move slowly to Hradčanské Square. There you will see many beautiful Baroque buildings and palaces and we will tell you a little about the important events in the rich Czech history. As we walk, we will pass by an impressive entrance to the Prague Castle complex and you can take the most beautiful photos on the local ramp.

After walk on the Zámecké schody we will reach another beautiful place under Prazsky castle - Malá Strana and show you the dominant building of this place - the church of St. Nicholas. It is the most important Baroque building in Prague.

And at this point you can enjoy the traditional lunch at the local restaurant where you can choose from a wide selection of Old Bohemian meals from local ingredients, based on Czech grandmothers recipes.  

After a filling lunch, we must not forget to visit the world-famous statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague in the nearby Church of Our Lady Victorious. This statue is annualy the target of hundreds of thousands of believers not only from Bohemia, but also from all over the world.

Then we take the funicular to Petřín Hill, which is a favorite place of lovers for romantic meetings. We will climb together up a copy of the Eiffel Tower - Petrinská rozhledna. Here you can enjoy a panoramic view not only of the centre of Prague but also its suburbs and surroundings.

From there, we will take you through the beautiful Petrín park back to Pohořelec, where we will finish the walk. 


● Strahov Monastery

● Loretan Square

● Hradcanske square

● Prazske Jezulatko

● Unique Bartoque buildings

● Hiden jewels of Prague

● Beautiful Prague scenery

Suitable for all age

Local English-speaking guide for the entire trip

Rich local-cousine lunch 

a la carte INCLUDED


● local English-speaking guide

● all admission fees

● all camera fees

● snacks & beverages

● rich 'a la carte' lunch

● bathroom fees

price from

€ 129 /adult

€ 119 /child*




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