"Our mission is to provide you with a lifetime memory."

The UNILINE company is based on a simple concept. We use our passion for Bohemian & Saxon Switzerland, the Bohemia region and Prague to fuel our success. However, the beauty of these unique regions does most of the job. We only have to simply act as mediators, connecting our clients with the greatest highlights. In doing so, we strive to exceed all our clients' expectations. Our mission is to provide you with a lifetime memory, a direct experience of Bohemia. 

Our team consists of local enthusiasts who grew up in the region, have lived their entire lives there and possess the most authentic knowledge of all the details concerning these breathtaking places. Are you interested in the local culture, history, geography, customs, cousine, religion, sports or other areas of knowledge? We are the best ones you could have approached!!!


We are true Bohemian and Prague locals

Our tours focus on QUALITY and individual approach

You gaining the most amazing experience is our number one priority



Hello, I am Lenka, a Czech student of the Italian grammar school. I like traveling and history. My hobbies are literature, trampolining, modeling and golf. I will be happy to be guide not only the English speaking groups, but also Italian ones.


Hello! My name is Alena. I grew up in the mountains and forests of Washington state in the US so hiking is my favorite activity. Some of my other hobbies include climbing, reading, and cooking. I moved to the Czech Republic in August 2018 and absolutely love it here. I am outgoing and love meeting new travelers and exchanging stories.


Hello I am Jakub, I have been guiding for 4 years now and I realy enjoy tours with my clients. I actively play hockey, floorball and do bike riding. I like to read about the history of (not only) our country and I travel a lot. I am a vinyl collector and when I have some free time I like to listen to music all types.


Hello, I am Sara and I’m a Czech student, who likes hiking and sports in general. I speak English and French. I’m looking forward to spend a nice day with you so we can learn something new about each other’s country. 


Hello, my name is Eva.

My most defining characteristic would probably be my hobbies- golf and traveling. I like to meet new people and I'm  always open to new challenges! I look forward to meeting you on our next tour!


Hello, my name is Hana. I grew up in the hilly landscape of Moravian Wallachia, later moving to Prague. I have worked as a Licensed Prague guide since 2008.  indulging in all of its scenic beauty and rich history. Sharing my knowledge and meeting new people is definiteley what I enjoy most about my job. Let me invite  you for a nice walk inside or outside Prague!


Hello, I am Steven! I have been doing this amazing job as a guide for two years now. I lived two years in Asia, was professional football player, fashion model, businessman and a  chef in a restaurant. I like doing almost everything,  all sports and hobbies because life is not limited and you can do everything you want to do. Myself and my dream team guarantee smiles on all your faces and love in all your hearts. So, lets have fun!


Hi, my name is Janina and I'm a student from a little city near Prague. I study pedagogy at Charles University in Prague. I love animals and every breathing creature on Earth. Guiding is very important to me, partly due to my cosmopolitan nature and my love of conversation with people from all around the world. It will be my pleasure to take you hiking!


Hi, I am Eduard. I was born in the Czech republic but when I was 17 years old I moved to Singapore where I worked as a model. Afterwards I worked as a PR representative at Dragonai club in Hong Kong. My hobbies are football, run ski, hiking, swimming and tennis. Looking forward to meeting you and spending a nice day together!


Hello, my name is Katie. Currently, I am studying English language and I am enjoying every opportunity to speak with people from all around the world. I also love animals and nature and I have a passion for hiking. I am look forward to meeting you and showing you at least a small piece of our beautiful country.


Hi, I’m Cassius. I’m half Czech and half English, I grew up in Prague. I currently study Aviation. My hobbies and interests are sports and modern history, I like to have a wide general knowledge about the world and am always learning new facts and skills. I’ll be delighted to meet you and gradually build a comfortable and friendly environment throughout the day and try my best to provide the most memorable trip possible.


Hello, my name is Jan and I would be happy to be your guide! I study law, play in a few bands and I am also a huge fan of horror/sci-fi movies, games and books. I'm ready to give you some information about Czech history and the current socio-political situation. I look forward to spending a nice day with you, getting to know you and having fun!


Hi, I am Roman, and I am one of the founders of this company. My priority is ensuring that our clients are extremely happy with our tours and services. I want them to feel comfortable and safe druring their journey.


Hello, my name is Pavel and I am one of the founders of the company. I would like to share my love of the Czech Republic's rich natural landscape with our clients, because traveling is not only my work but also my passion. In my free time I play golf or spend time in my cottage. I look forward to meeting new clients because  thanks to the constant meeting of new people, life is varied and interesting and that is exactly how I like it.


Hello, I am Edita. What matters to me the most is that our clients feel satisfied and safe during the trip. The tours have enriched me (and the clients too I hope!) because we get to know about each others culture, people and country. I am always looking forward to hearing stories from our clients.  I like cooking, cycling, roller skating, fitness, photography, nature, travel and education. Boredom does not fit into my life!


Hello, my name is Ted and I'm happy to be your driver. Your comfort and safety is my top priority. I look forward to practicing my English skills while trying to provide the most comfortable journey possible.