Our brights neafter dark Prague guided tour will show you the main tourist attractions while hearing all the important Prague history and legends. 

Join our unconventional walk through Prague, starting when the sun is setting to enjoy the main tourist spots with fewer crowds. During the tour will hear about the all the major events in Czech history and all the interesting Prague legends. 

Our walk begins by the First gate to the Prague Castle, which is also our meeting point. You will see on your own how beatifull this place is during dawn. Hear about our most famous Czech rulers  Charles the Fourth, Rudolph the Second  and Marie-Therese while hearing also about all the legends connected to Prague castle and their ruling. Afterwards we will continue towards Nerudova street- one of the main tourist roads which is also part of the Old King's Road. Our walk will continue by Church of Our Lady Victorious and it's famous statue of  Infant Jesus of Prague. Our next stop will be at Kampa island park with its popular Sovovy mills. From there we will continue to Charles Bridge.



Meeting point by Prague Castle




4 hours

5:00 - 8:00pm

9:00 - 12:00pm

3mi (4km) walk

All seasons avaliable. Starting times change during the seasons.


Walking shoes


Operates in all weather conditions

Starts with the dawn

Charles Bridge is one of the most popular tourist spots. The beauty of this place is outstanding as are the legends connected to its building process, guardian of the Czech lands Bruncvik or how important this bridge was during the war with Swedes.

When we cross the river we will see Klementinum- our national library and former jezuite college of Charles University. After hearing about the blind ghost that still resides in the Library, we will walk towards the Old Town Square. 

At the Old Town Square you will not only hear the history of this place but also all the legends connected to the famous Astronomical clock. Additionaly you will hear about how how this area was affected by second world war.

Then we will move towards Ungelt and Tyn church. There you will hear legends of the Eternal Nun or the Turk in Ungelt. After we will move back to the Old town square passing by Golz-Kinsky Palace and Church of St. Nicolas.

The final part of our trip will be the Old Jewish Town. This place is filled with legends! The most important one is about the world-famous Golem and it's creator Rabi Löw. You will see the synagogues from the medieval ages, even 13th century. We will of course take a sneak peak on the Old Jewish Cemetery. 

For the ones who will still not have had enough we will walk on the river bank and end our tour at Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia. The St Agnes Convent is one of the most important Gothic buildings in Prague. It was founded in the 13th century  by the princess St Agnes of Bohemia along with her brother King Wenceslas I. Then we will take you to the closest tram/underground stop with directions on how to get back to your place of accommodation or elsewhere in the city.

During this tour you will learn all about the Czech history and return home with memories of a lifetime! 


● Prague Castle

● Charles Bridge

● Old town Square

● Jewish town

● Main tourist road

● Beautiful Gothic and Baroque


● Beautiful Prague scenery

Suitable for all age

Local English-speaking guide for the entire trip


€39 /adult

 €29 /child*



● information how to get to the 

    meeting point

● local English-speaking guide

* admission fees not included since all

   objects will be closed


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